South Jersey UV Protective Window Film

UV glass protectionWindow tint offers superior UV glass protection against fading, excessive heat and glare reduction. Think of window film as Sun Block for your home. Mid-Atlantic can keep your interior furnishings from fading. Help balance temperatures in all the rooms in your home. Soften annoying glare.

Fade Protection
Mid-Atlantic’s films can reduce 99% of the Suns harmful UV Rays which contribute to your homes furnishings, fabrics, hardwoods and carpets fading prematurely. We have films of all levels of density to help eliminate your fading.

Reduce Heat
Window Films can reduce the solar heat gain through your homes windows to keep rooms cooler in the summer, while insulating in the cooler months to help retain your homes warmth. Mid-Atlantic can reduce the temperature in a sunny room by as much as 10-15 degrees thus helping reduce AC energy costs. Sky lights, sunrooms, southern facing rooms can benefit greatly with these films installed.

Reduce Glare
Window film can soften annoying glare entering your home for added comfort. Mid-Atlantic films can make a room more soothing and inviting while reducing glare with one of our residential films.


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