South Jersey Window Film Companies

South Jersey window film companiesThanks for visiting the website of Mid-Atlantic Window Tinting. We have over 25 years of experience as a leader in South Jersey window film companies, with thousands of happy residential and commercial clients. Our team is fully insured and certified and we use only the finest quality films and latest procedures.

Jersey Shore and other South Jersey residents seek us out as a top choice in South Jersey window film companies for a variety of reasons. The great benefits of properly done window tinting include:

Reduced Heat – Window film reduces the amount of heat entering a home, enabling you to lessen the workload of your air conditioner and keep the blinds open on beautiful summer days. Our films can reduce the temperature of a room by as much as 10-15 degrees…great for skylight rooms and sunrooms.

Reduced Glare – Our window tinting enables you to keep the blinds open on beautiful days, without the distraction and annoyance of intense sun glare, for a more soothing environment.

UV Protection – A quality window film acts as sunblock for your home, protecting your furnishings and fabrics from fading due to harmful UV rays.

Security – Glass security films can protect your home or office from break-ins or hurricane damage with a shatterproof barrier. This is especially valuable in Shore homes and seasonal properties.

Mid-Atlantic is also a top choice among South Jersey window film companies for businesses too…whether you need to improve the look of your office or provide increased protection from smash and grab break-ins or vandalism, we have the solution for your office needs as well. We’re not an automotive window tint company though…if you have such a need we can refer you to automotive window film companies.

All of our films come with a lifetime warranty against lifting, bubbling and adhesion failure, so you can rest easy in your beautified, more efficient home.

Call us at 800-361-TINT (8468) or e-mail us through our online Contact form and let us get to work improving the look and feel of your South Jersey home or office today!