New Jersey Commercial Window Film

new jersey commercial window filmLooking for experts in New Jersey commercial window film? Look no further than the offices of Mid-Atlantic window tinting. For over 20 years, we have been providing window tinting to residents and offices in New Jersey, and we have built up a list of thousands of satisfied clients. We use only the best films from top vendors and we are fully certified and insured for all commercial work. Whatever your home or office window tinting needs, from clear to blacked out, we can provide the ideal solution for you.

Office window tinting offers multiple benefits to business, not the least of which is the improvement in privacy. Here are just a few of the reasons businesses look to us as a leader in New Jersey commercial window film:

Heat Reduction. Employees will notice the difference when an effective window film makes for a more comfortable office with less energy use. A properly applied window film can reduce energy costs from heat by as much as 40%.

Glare Reduction. Window films can reduce as much as 85% of the sun glare entering an office, so that employees will be able to leave the blinds open without the annoying brightness distraction.

An Improved Exterior Look. Tinted windows enable an office to keep a consistent, sharper look throughout the building, while maintaining the privacy of those inside. Mid-Atlantic can install customized logos of your business in each window for a sleek, professional look.

Safety And Security. Our window films can protect against graffiti, vandalism, smash and grab break-ins, even acts of terrorism in government buildings. Stronger films can protect buildings from hurricane damage as well…important in coastal areas of New Jersey.

Our service area includes all of New Jersey, so wherever your office or store, we are available to provide the highest quality in New Jersey commercial window film. Call us at 800-361-TINT (8468) or e-mail us through the Contact page of this website, and let us improve the look and efficiency of your office today!