South Jersey Commercial Window Tinting

commercial window tintingMid-Atlantic Window Tinting offers South Jersey commercial window tinting services to businesses in the region and throughout the Mid-Atlantic states. We have commercial window tinting clients in: NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE, MD and VA. No jobs is too big or too small for our commercial window tinting teams.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Reduce Heat
Mid-Atlantic can reduce the heat entering a building making for a more balanced and even temperature. With the right combination of window films Mid-Atlantic can reduce energy costs caused by heat gains by as much as 40%.

Reduce Glare
Mid-Atlantic can reduce as much as 85% of annoying glare entering a building. Making for a more soothing work environment.

Give your building a more uniform look from the exterior no more seeing some blinds open some closed. Commercial office space often require privacy but still require the ability to know employees are there. So partial frosted panels and striping work the best. Distraction strips are often required on large commercial glass to help prevent people from walking in to them. Mid-Atlantic Window Tinting can also install custom business logos into the film for a more professional look to any office.

Safety & Security Films
Whether the need is for Anti-Graffiti, Smash and grab, weather protection or even terrorism Mid-Atlantic has a Safety or Security film to meet your needs.

A thin clear film applied to any glass or smooth surface to protect from vandalism or everyday wear and tear traffic. Usually installed on store fronts, bus shelters, restroom stall walls, mirrors glass railings etc.

Smash and Grab or Theft Prevention
A much thicker clear film that strengthens glass and makes it tougher to get through. Usually applied to display cases, glass entrance doors, store fronts etc.

Weather protection
Thick film to help strengthen glass from Hurricane/wind damage, also used to bring non-compliant windows/glass up to code.

The thickest of all films installed with edge restraint systems to help protect from blast and air born missile damage. Usually installed on Government buildings, schools, public areas with lots of glass, and just about anywhere in today’s world.


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